Injustice 2: Wonder Woman Movie Costume Event “To End All Wars” Starts Tomorrow, End Date And Everything You Need To Know

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The Epic gear from the upcoming Injustice 2 event. [Image from Twitch]

Fans of the Wonder Woman movie better get ready, as the Injustice 2 event “To End All Wars” starts tomorrow. Players that complete this event will be rewarded with the Amazon Warrior’s Epic Gear from the upcoming blockbuster movie. Here is everything you need to know about the event and how long it will be available in Multiverse mode.

It’s a Week Long Event

The Multiverse event will stars May 29 and will end on June 5, so there is time to grind. Wonder Woman will probably need to be in a high level for the event, so try to max her up. There are various ways to level up, though the easiest method is letting her AI loadout go through Endless mode.

Since the event will be lasting a week, Injustice 2 fans won’t have to rush the event too much. Finishing the Story will get her to around level 4, so the rest is up to the game’s various modes. Use the week to your advantage, since getting this gear will be much harder once the event ends next week.

The Movie Gear Will Be a Random Reward Afterwards

Those that can’t make the event will be happy to know that the gear will be a random reward afterwards. It might not sound like much, but it’s better than losing the gear forever, so it’s something worth noting. Expect it to be a reward from Diamond and Platinum Box events, like the one that happened last weekend.

The Gear Will Have Random Levels

During the event’s reveal in a live Twitch stream, fans were able to get a glimpse at the Epic Gear. Oddly enough, all of the gear have random levels, so players will need regeneration tokens to get them to level 20. This is assuming that their Wonder Woman has already reached the max level in Injustice 2 of course.

More DCEU Gear is Coming

If “To End all Wars” is any indication, it seems like the game will have plenty of movie-themed events coming. Now that the Wonder Woman event is starting to roll out, expect a Justice League one before it’s November release. Here is hoping that CW-themed gear will also be rolling out, since Green Arrow, Flash and Supergirl are in it.

Injustice 2 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One, with a mobile game also purchasable for smartphones and tablets. Red Hood will be coming to the game in June as part of Fighter Pack 1.

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