Injustice 2 Update: Mr. Freeze Now Has His Helmet, New Gear Teased For Batman

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Mr. Freeze gets an updated look. [Image from Uncaged Gamez YouTube]

The most recent Injustice 2 update has ticked off some gamers, after teasing Red Hood’s availability and taking it back. While that annoyed many, the update does add a few cool things that should put a smile on fan faces. Aside from a number of fixes that balance out characters, Mr. Freeze has his helmet and Batman has new gear.

A Cool Addition

When Mr. Freeze was announced as a Premiere Skin for Captain Cold, fans dug it, since they already fought similarly. However, when the skin was revealed, fans were disappointed to see the character without the helmet, which is really problematic. The character needs his suit and helmet to live, since he constantly needs to be around cold areas.

It’s a nice addition from the Injustice 2 update, since no one expected to see his look get updated. Admittedly, they took some liberties with said helmet, since it looks different from the one he wears in the comics. Still, it’s a good look for the character and should please any fans who didn’t like his look before.

Gear Up For Excitement

Ed Boon has teased some new gear for Batman on Twitter, which should excite fans of the Dark Knight. It doesn’t look like it’s based on any of his suits in the comic books, but it’s a nice look. The Tweet didn’t say if the gear would be in an event, or if it will be a loot drop.

This Injustice 2 update shows that the developers are constantly adding new gear to the game, which is great. Prior to this, NetherRealm Studios also added Wonder Woman’s movie gear via an event called To End All Wars. Fans are hoping this leads to more gear based on the DCEU and the CW shows with DC characters.

Future Updates

It will be interesting to see what NetherRealm Studios has planned for future updates, aside from the game’s DLC support. More character gear seems to be on the way, ensuring that the game will have a ton of replayability. Considering how RPG-esque the gear system has been, fans will approve of this move wholeheartedly, so here’s hoping for more.

Players can get the Injustice 2 update now, fixing a number of the game’s issues and balancing the characters out. Fans can get the game now on PS4 and Xbox One, with DLC coming to the game soon. Red Hood is slated for a June release, with Starfire and Sub-Zero coming sometime after.

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