Injustice 2: The Joker Revival Teased By Ed Boon

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Is Joker returning? [Image from DC Comics]

Ed Boon has been doing a really solid job building hype for Injustice 2, which looks like a stellar fighter. Boon has done everything he can to get fans excited for the game, even hinting at certain characters like Joker. Not only is he teasing Joker returning in the sequel, but he also hinted at Mark Hamill voicing him again.

In the tweet shared, we see an old vine of Tara Strong and Mark Hamill doing their Joker and Harley voices. One has to wonder how Joker will be brought back to the game since he was in the accurate leak. Then again, Boon has teased fans with certain characters before and they ended up not appearing in the game.

Joke’s on You

When fans were waiting for an Injustice 2 character reveal, Boon teased Constantine as the fighter, which did not happen. Fans ended up getting Doctor Fate, who is still a cool character, but the tease did disappoint some hopeful players. He also teased Red Hood appearing, yet we haven’t seen any sign of the Gotham vigilante outside of a reference in a children’s book.

The Joker could be the latest in elaborate pranks from Boon, though the surprisingly accurate leak says otherwise. Pretty much every character shown in the list was confirmed, so Joker’s reveal could simply be a matter of time. All fans can do is wait until the character is revealed, or see if he never appears in the game.

The Killing Joke

Nothing Boon teases on Twitter can be taken seriously, but fans want to see Joker in Injustice 2. Few villains are as infamous as The Clown Prince of Crime, so his appearance is one fans want to see. Mark Hamill reprising his role wouldn’t be too big of a surprise since Kevin Conroy is returning as Batman.

Joker not making the final roster would be surprising, but he could always be added later on as DLC. Nine downloadable characters have already been confirmed, not including pre-order bonus Darkseid, so he could be part of that list. How Joker will come to the game – if he’s even in it – will be of great interest to those excited for the game.

Injustice 2 is slated for a May 16 release and will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One. Only time will tell if Joker is in the game, but it’s not impossible given his popularity.

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