Injustice 2: The Flash Finally Plays Like a Speedster, Could Be Overpowered

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The Flash proves his worth. [Image from Injustice YouTube channel]

Most people probably weren’t excited to see The Flash in Injustice 2 since he’s an obvious hero to put in. He was also one of the weaker characters in the original Injustice game, as NetherRealms didn’t use his powers creatively. It seems like the company wants to make amends, as the gameplay video shows that The Flash might be overpowered.

Seems like NetherRealms finally has a good grasp on what else The Flash can do aside from running and quipping. While he still does a lot of both, Barry Allen can also make tornadoes, shoot lightning and even time travel. He went from being a lame returnee to one of the most anticipated characters to use in the game.

Flashy Offense

The moment the video starts, it’s clear that Injustice 2 is going to do right by The Flash, which is great. He can now instantly attack foes from behind and give them a combination so fast they don’t feel it right away. That’s not to mention his tornado arms can be used as an aerial reversal and his lightning bolt for some range attacks.

Even his finisher is great; using time travel to smash his enemy in ancient Egypt and on a dinosaur before throwing the enemy on his past self. If anything, this should lead to Barry breaking the timeline again, something he constantly does in the CW television show. Thanks to a massive shift in offense, it’s clear that The Flash will be an early favorite along with Robin.

Let’s Do the Timewarp Again

Aside from a number of new moves, some of The Flash’s older moves do return in Injustice 2. He can still slow down time, which looks much more effective now than it did in the first game, thanks to his expanded move-set. Even his speed punch from a running stance looks better for use now in comparison to his weak move-set in the last game.

Now that The Flash plays like a true speedster, one has to wonder if he ends up being overpowered and nerfed in future updates of the game. It would be really funny if a patch slowed him down to make the game more fair to others. Only time will tell if he needs to be nerfed, or if he’s actually weak and the video makes him look cool.

Injustice 2 is slated for a May 16 release on PS4 and Xbox One. There are a number of pre-order editions to get, though they all give Darkseid as a bonus. The mobile game is also slated for a May release.

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