Injustice 2 Super Move Guide: How To Increase Overall Damage Output

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Source: Injustice 2 in-game screenshot

Injustice 2 fans found out a hidden in-game system that buffs your super move’s damage output. This feature wasn’t mentioned in the tutorials. Lastly, this hidden mini-game adds depth to Injustice 2’s super moves as it has a simple button input.

Press Heavy Attack To Deal More Damage

According to Enkindu’s video, players can engage in a mini-game during a character’s super move to increase its damage. Well-timed heavy attack presses before each hit of the super move cinematic will buff its damage for the attacker. The victim can also do the same to reduce the damage received.

Two red swords will appear near the damage dealt on the enemy’s HP whenever the heavy attack is timed right. This feature definitely gives players something to do when a super move is landed in a match.

Deal Around 75% Damage

As seen on Enkindu’s Aquaman supermove, buffing all of its cinematic hits will reduce around 75% of your enemy’s health. The damage boost is high enough to pull comebacks out of nowhere if done right. Alternatively, the damage can be reduced if the receiving player does the timings right instead of the attacking player.

However, we must also consider that Enkindu also used a geared up and max level Aquaman. The damage boost from his gear may have allowed the damage to reach that high. The mini-game damage buffs still remain relevant as every ounce of damage counts in competitive play.

Not In Tutorials

New Injustice 2 players will immediately be asked to try out the tutorials first before giving them control of the main menus. Among these tutorials is the super move tutorial which shows how it easy it is to do. None of this mini-game is mentioned in the tutorials.

Simple Super Move Has Depth

The Super move’s simple input allows even casual players to pull one off during a short combo with the right timing. The mini-game definitely adds more twist to their super moves as it’s still an active competition rather than just a large unskippable cutscene. Potentially, this feature might be a nod to other fighting games’ slight super move damage boost if they button mash attacks during its animation.

Injustice 2’s super move inputs are just the combination of the change stance and meter burn button for both the PS4 and Xbox One version. The previous NetherRealm game, Mortal Kombat X, also had its character’s high damaging X-Ray moves are also triggered this way. However, all of Injustice 2’s super moves are triggered on the ground which makes it a universal command for each character. The depth of Injustice 2’s super move system will be handy to all players aiming to maximize their damage output in matches.

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