Injustice 2 Sub-Zero: Shaders, Abilities, And More Surface Online As Release Date Nears

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Sub-Zero is coming out next month. [Image from Injustice Facebook page]

The roster of the sequel to Injustice is set to expand once again and this time, the roster will get its first guest character and it comes in the form of Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero. As the June 11 release date of the new character is drawing near, a few players are already revealing what we could expect from Sub-Zero in Injustice 2.

The intro dialogues, shaders, abilities and a lot more details about Sub-Zero have begun appearing online. The upcoming guest character is reportedly available for pre-download in Australia. For now, players are happy with what NetherRealm Studios has to offer with Sub-Zero and some are starting to buy Mother Boxes to get the character’s gear.


Redditor Brandberg shares the abilities that Sub-Zero will bring to Injustice 2. Those who’ve played Mortal Kombat X or have mained Sub-Zero in previous iterations of the fighting game will be very familiar with the character’s abilities in his upcoming release.

Sub-Zero’s abilities include Barrier of Frost, Ice Port, Hammer Slam, Frozen Aura, Klone Charge, Air Klone Kick and Ground Freeze. Skills like Ice Port, Klone Charge and Ground Freeze sound rather similar to the moves of Sub-Zero in past Mortal Kombat games, but this is to be expected since both games come from the same studio. However, Sub-Zero does bring in a few new moves like Hammer Slam and Frozen Aura, which are unique to Injustice 2.

Shaders And Intros

Players are liking the shaders of Sub-Zero so far. The shaders for the upcoming character are obvious call outs to some of Mortal Kombat’s characters including Reptile, Cyrax and Scorpion, who was also a DLC character in the first game.

As for dialogue intros, some of Sub-Zero’s dialogues with DC characters include a few quips about DC vs Mortal Kombat. In one banter moment, the Flash says “uh-oh, not again” to Sub-Zero.


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