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Injustice 2 Story Mode Allows Character Selection

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injustice 2 story mode
Story mode will have some character selection. [Image from Shoryuken]

Seems like NetherRealms has plans to make the Injustice 2 story mode more dynamic than the first game’s version. It seems like the game’s story mode will allow players to choose specific characters for certain chapters in the mode. This is a good choice since it allows players to try out different characters and mix things up a bit.

Multiple choice characters were confirmed by io9, where some of the game’s story was detailed for the reader. This is, no doubt, a very good choice since it makes sure players aren’t bored with their chosen character. Keep in mind that it lets players pick specific characters for that scene, so this isn’t a typical fighting game story.

Winner’s Choice

From what’s seen, it seems like the Injustice 2 story mode will have players pick the winner that the story needs. We’re not getting a big Mass Effect-style story with multiple choices, but letting players pick a character still helps entertain. It will be interesting to see which other characters can be chosen for certain scenarios and if villains are choosable.

Until more details are given, it’s safe to assume that choosing certain characters won’t affect the outcome of the story. It would be cool if the choices matter since it would make the game plenty replayable, though that’s not likely. Still, the ability to choose does add more immersion to the story and could spice up a number of fights.

Who to Choose?

Having the option to choose in the Injustice 2 story mode is pretty enticing and should make the single-player more fun overall. Given the amount of characters included in the game, players might have plenty of choices in the long run. The length of the story mode hasn’t been revealed as of this writing, but it should provide hours of entertainment.

Let’s not forget that this is a fighting game, so there will be other modes to choose from when playing. Other modes haven’t been given much detail yet, though we do know that Star Labs missions will be returning. Multiplayer will also play a huge part, since this is a fighting game and NetherRealms won’t region-lock online play, which is good.

Injustice 2 is slated for a May 16 release and will be available on the PS4 and Xbox One. There are a number of pre-order options to choose from, though they all give players Darkseid as a bonus. A mobile version will also be released sometime in May.

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