Injustice 2 Special Move Cancel Guide: How To Transition From Normal Attacks Successfully

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How to perform a move cancel. [Image from PlayStation]

Injustice 2 has set the bar high for fighting games in 2017, thanks to a fairly deep combo system. While the game also has plenty of content for single-player, it would have fallen if it didn’t have good mechanics. One of the smarter mechanics is the ability to move cancel, which allows for more painful and fantastic looking combos.

Some players might have a difficult time doing this, but some extra practice should make anyone perfect the technique. While a Street Fighter 5-esque Mission Mode would have helped, this is simple enough to perform with enough practice. Heavy has also shared some details regarding how to execute these moves, which should be helpful for less experienced gamers.

How to Move Cancel

Move cancelling requires players to do a special move while another move is being performed, which sounds easy, but isn’t. Injustice 2 requires effort from it’s players, though most fans should be able to pick up and play it. Timing is important as well, since forcing an input can also lead to nothing good happening for the player.

After an input command, players should wait for an animation to finish before cancelling the move with another. It will take some time and practice, but it’s an excellent tactic that should keep players ahead of their opponent. This technique will be needed for the more difficult areas in the acclaimed Multiverse mode of the fighting game.

Super Combos

Mastering the move cancel is vital, since players can use it to take their opponents off-guard when using their finishers. The super moves are easy enough to pull off, but making your opponent’s vulnerable for it is what’s needed. It’s a good thing that Injustice 2 lets players practice, with Multiverse mode having three whole tutorials for comfortability.

Overall, the move should be used during online competition and the more advanced Multiverse areas that have powerful enemies. Newbies can take their time learning the move, though it is a vital technique that everyone should learn. There’s no rush to be the best in the game. Everyone can take their time and enjoy all the content.

Injustice 2 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One, with Darkseid as a pre-order bonus.Those that didn’t pre-order him can buy the ruler of Apokalips now for US$5.99, so everyone can use him. Anyone that doesn’t have a current-gen console can try the excellent mobile spinoff for free.

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