Injustice 2 Roster: Scarecrow, Black Adam, And All Unconfirmed Characters From Leaked List

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Injustice 2 promo art. [Image from Injustice 2 website]

Injustice 2 seems like it will be one of this year’s biggest fighting games, with a roster full of favorites. Mainstream characters like Batman and Superman are accompanied by beloved lesser-known heroes like Blue Beetle, Firestorm and Doctor Fate. All of these characters were seemingly leaked sometime ago and there are even more who could be coming.

This post from 4Chan has a list of the game’s roster, which no one really believed at the time, since it was too early. Now that a good portion of the roster has been revealed, it seems like the leak was spot-on with the characters. With a number of characters still not released, it seems like the characters from the original leak will be in.

Spoilers On The Next Reveal

Should the leak be true, it seems like we’ll see the following heroes and villains in Injustice 2. It’s worth noting that WB Games hasn’t confirmed these characters, but the leak has guessed a lot of the revealed roster. These could be considered spoilers, so players that want to be surprised by the next reveal should look away.

Funnily enough, some of the characters guessed in the roster were turned into alternate skins for specific characters in the game. For example, The Flash will have a Reverse Flash skin with a different voice actor and mannerisms. Supergirl and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) will have Power Girl and Green Lantern (John Stewart) respectively as alternate skins.

DLC Characters

Aside from Darkseid, we still don’t know who the 9 confirmed DLC characters are for Injustice 2. For those unaware, those that pre-order the Deluxe Edition of the game will get access to 9 DLC characters as soon as they come out. They won’t automatically be available, so this isn’t a case where the DLC characters were made, but were sold later.

Expect NetherRealms to listen to fan suggestion for these, as well as adding certain fighters from Mortal Kombat. The developers have also teased other guest characters like Hellboy and Spawn, so that should add some variety to the game. Fans would prefer more DC characters though, so expect to see more of them when the eventual season pass is announced for the fighter.

Injustice 2 is slated for a May 16 release for the PS4 and Xbox One. Warner Bros have stated that they would support the Nintendo Switch, so it could come to that console soon. A tie-in comic book will also be released sometime in May.

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