Injustice 2 References: Here’s Where NeatherRealm Drew Inspiration From The Comics, Movies, And Other DC Materials

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Injustice 2 moves drew inspiration from DC material
Comparison of Injustice 2 Joker and A Death in the family comic

With a ton of characters from DC, Injustice 2 was bound to have a few references here and there. The game is filled with moves and references from the comics, animated shows, DCEU films and much more. Add the DLC characters who will be added to the game, and it’s clear that we will see more eventually.

Man Of Steel

Superman’s finisher in the game is heavily influenced by the first DCEU film Man of Steel, and it’s pretty good. This YouTube video from Aptem Actaxob shows that the punches Superman does are directly lifted from the fight with Zod. Admittedly, the final part of Superman’s finisher is original to the game, but the Man of Steel vibe is strong.

Death In The Family

Joker’s use of the crowbar was always a reference to the historic A Death in the Family storyline. His special crowbar combo bears some similarities to the way he beats Jason Todd with it in the comic books. Even his finisher bears some influence to the storyline, with Joker beating his foe with a crowbar, before using explosions. Injustice 2 does take some liberties of course, adding the electrical chair for additional horror and pain.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Scarecrow’s form in the game was due to his fear gas, but his finisher seems influenced by Batman: Arkham Asylum. The fear-obsessed villain provides one of the game’s best highlights, using his toxin to trap Batman in psychological mazes. While the villain doesn’t fling Batman around with his chain like in the fighting game, the influence is there. It’s also worth noting that one of his lines is “now I’m playing with power,” something Freddy Kreuger says in Elm Street 6.

Batman Returns

One of Catwoman’s special abilities is clearly influenced by the Tim Burton film Batman Returns. If Catwoman falls, a cat can come and lick her face, giving her some health for another fighting chance. The film had Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle thrown off a building, seemingly dying, before a bunch of cats lick and revive her.

Various Wonder Woman Comics

Wonder Woman might be an awful character in Injustice 2, but her finisher is a solid and brutal one. Fans have noticed something familiar with her leg wrapping around the lasso of truth, with one Reddit user bringing up a scene from the animated film Superman/Batman: Apokalips. The various users in the forum quickly brought up how it’s been used in various comics, as well as the Wonder Woman movie.


Not a DC reference, but Cheetah’s throw in the game is a carbon copy of Felicia’s Toy Touch attack from Darkstalkers. Maybe it’s because both characters are anthropomorphic feline characters, but NetherRealm Studios couldn’t resist giving her the move. If it means anything, Cheetah can only do it as a throw, while Felicia can combo off the move.

CW’s The Flash

After his lackluster move-set from the first game, it’s clear that NetherRealm studios watched CW’s The Flash for additional moves. His lightning ball range attack was seen in the second episode of season 2, and was added in Injustice 2 as a result. The studio also seems to have paid attention to the memes the show has inspired, due to the constant time travel.

Flash’s brilliant finisher was clearly inspired by them, especially when he slams his opponent to a past version of himself/herself. While the show’s constant use of time travel has been annoying, this finisher has been one of the game’s many highlights. Now, if only the show would come up with other gimmicks that didn’t involve time travel.

Injustice 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. Red Hood is available for download, so fans that bought Fighter Pack 1 can use him now. Sub-Zero, who is also part of Fighter Pack 1, will be available in July.

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