Injustice 2: Red Hood Teased In Tie-In Comic

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Red Hood might have been teased in the Injustice 2 comic. [Image from DC Comics]

While fans wait for Joker’s reveal in Injustice 2, it seems like the tie-in comic is teasing someone else. This character could be Red Hood, the second Robin and an on-again off-again ally for the Caped Crusader. Before discussing the comic at hand, keep in mind that these are major spoilers, so read the digital issue first.


At the end of the Injustice 2 comic’s second chapter, Batman comes in guns-a-blazing and seemingly kills Amanda Waller and Rick Flagg. He was supposedly saving ally Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad, but killing members of the group shows something’s off. Batman doesn’t kill and he never uses guns, so the fact that he would have two machine guns is baffling.

Injustice 2 comic writer Tom Taylor has said that “something is off” with Batman during an interview with Newsarama. Whether he’s been mind controlled by Grodd or is being framed by someone else has been theorized by Reddit fans. Should Batman be framed, it would be fitting to see former Robin Jason Todd AKA Red Hood as the culprit.

Another Red Hood Tease?

Red Hood’s inclusion has been teased for the longest time, so this could be another indication that he’s in. Todd was teased in a poll by Ed Boon on Twitter and was seemingly confirmed in a superhero children’s book. His inclusion would please many comic book fans, though some would argue that the game has too many Batman characters.

It’s worth mentioning that Jason Todd has posed as a gun-toting Batman before, during the Battle of the Cowl storyline. Bruce Wayne was lost in the timestream and was assumed dead, so many wondered who should take the cowl. Todd seemingly took it himself and started killing criminals as his own version of Batman, before Dick Grayson (Nightwing) beat him and begrudgingly took the role.

Character Reveal? DLC?

Thanks to an Injustice 2 leak, many are expecting to see Joker in the game somehow, since it has been very accurate. Guessing characters no one expected to see like Cheetah and Captain Cold made the leak a very legitimate source. With many expecting Joker to be the final character, one has to wonder if Red Hood will be DLC.

WB Games and NetherRealms revealed that there will be 9 DLC characters that can be acquired in advance. To do this, players would have to pre-order the Ultimate Edition of the game, which also grants players Premium Skins for the game’s characters. Red Hood would be a great first DLC character, since he already has an established fanbase.

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