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Injustice 2 Red Hood Release Confirmed This Week, Constantine Teased By Ed Boon [Update]

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Injustice 2 Update 1.04
Source: Injustice 2 in-game screenshot

The roster of NetherRealm Studios’ sequel to Injustice might be expanding soon with the release of new characters to the game. The upcoming release will see the debut of a fan favorite in the Injustice series and there’s a good chance that the character will launch this week. Will creative director Ed Boon’s tease of Red Hood finally joining the roster of Injustice 2 in the next days come true?

Red Hood Days

“When will RED HOOD will be available in Injustice 2. We’re just DAYS away! Details on tomorrow’s WATCHTOWER stream!,” says Ed Boon over at Twitter. We’ve yet to know exactly when Red Hood will come but with the Watchtower livestream tomorrow, we can expect to know the exact release date and even some gameplay footage of Red Hood in action.

Ed Boon’s announcement comes just a few days after the community began scouring the game from top to bottom just to get Red Hood. He appeared over at the character select screen momentarily but was taken out of it shortly after. With the in-game patch notes clearly stating that it has already added Red Hood into the game, NetherRealm simply needs to unlock the character now to make him playable. 

The reason behind Red Hood’s popularity over at the Injustice 2 community stems from the fact that he remains to be one of the best characters in the DC Universe. There have been two Red Hoods in the DC Universe but the one coming to the game is the more popular Jason Todd’s Red Hood.

Like his former mentor, Batman, Red Hood will make good use of martial arts and gadgets instead of superhuman powers when in battle. The only difference is that he’ll be more ruthless as compared to the caped crusader and he doesn’t have second thoughts about mortally wounding his enemies.

Ed Boon Teases Constantine Again

Along with Red Hood, the first Fighter Pack for Injustice 2 will also include Starfire and Sub-zero. When it comes to post-launch characters, there are already a few in the minds of players and one of the characters at the top of the rumor mill is Constantine. Just recently, Boon retweeted a post that states Constantine could be one of the silhouettes that appeared on the character select menu yesterday.

Players have noticed before that Constantine has been part of the game, although not as a playable character. He’s available as a hero card and as a Multiverse assist character. We wouldn’t be surprised if he does come in as a post-launch character for the game and he could very well be part of the future Fighter Packs for Injustice 2.

Update: Gameplay videos of Red Hood has now surfaced online. Players can now use the character via a Multiverse exploit.

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