Injustice 2 Red Hood Move List: All Specials, Combo Attacks, Basic Attacks, And Character Power

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Source: Injustice 2 – Introducing Red Hood! video

A recent Injustice 2 exploit is now being used to unlock Red Hood, which makes sense as the latest update added support for the character. Gameplay videos of Red Hood playing several matches surfaced online due to a Multiverse exploit, letting us get a good look at his moves. Here’s what we know about Red Hood’s move list.

10 Minutes of Red Hood

As seen in byRepulse’s video, Red Hood’s move list was briefly opened and showed some of his combos. So far, a glimpse of his special moves, basic attacks, and combo attacks were revealed. His other attacks and character power can be seen throughout the gameplay video.

Special Attacks

Usually, the Special Move displayed on the pause screen isn’t the full list. So far, here are Red Hood’s special moves and how to perform them:

  • Ground Mine – Back, Forward, Light Attack
  • Spin Parry – Down, Back, Light Attack
  • Gotham Stars – Back, Forward, Medium Attack
  • Lethal Lunge – Down, Forward, Heavy Attack
  • (Air) Vendetta Slam – Down, Throw (In midair)

This list doesn’t seem to have the command for Red Hood’s aerial gun specials. It looks similar to Harley Quinn’s aerial gun special but with more pistol shots instead of a single bullet. Despite looking similar, Red Hood’s specials doesn’t seem to be as projectile-heavy as Deadshot.

Basic Attacks and Combo Attacks

Red Hood’s Basic Attacks are fairly normal based on the brief list shown in the video. Red Hood seems to have all the regular combo starters save for a “Forward, Light Attack” basic move. At best, it’s good that he’s not missing too much moves which could be crucial in pressuring enemies.

The new character seems to be similar with Superman as he doesn’t have a scrollable page of combo attacks. This new DLC character does have a combo for each Light, Medium and Heavy button, which make him slightly comfortable for new players. However, players will have to mix and match the attacks on their own to deal significant damage and place themselves in advantageous positions.

Character Power

Lastly, Red Hood’s character power seems to be switching between using his pistols and tasers attached to the gun’s butt. With this power, he’s more of an Injustice 1 Nightwing substitute. The gameplay shows Red Hood swinging his pistol tasers continuously, which looks similar to Nightwing’s stick form. The taser combos can also be meter burned, leading to more pistol swings or gunshots.

Red Hood Release

Potentially, we may get to see more of Red Hood’s attacks and trickery once he’s fully released in-game. Players can only see Red Hood in Injustice 2 through the customization and character select menus as he is not officially playable yet. Fans speculate that the upcoming Watchtower stream will have his release date. At best, we know that Red Hood will be playable on or before June 13, due to the Multiverse exploit. Stay updated with more Injustice 2 news here on The Bitbag.

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