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Injustice 2 Red Hood Now Playable With Time Skip Workaround, Gameplay Videos Surface Online

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There is a way to play as Red Hood early. [Image from Injustice website]

When Red Hood was seemingly added to the most recent update of Injustice 2, everyone got excited to use him. This ended up not being the case, and the character will be added to the game sometime this month. However, a fan has found a unique way to play as the character in one of the Multiverse events.

YouTuber byRepulse posted a video with actual gameplay for the character, explaining how he did it in the video description. Apparently, players will have to go offline and hard reset their console, so they can change the date to June 13. This will reveal the No Fear Multiverse event, where players are required to play as the upcoming DLC character.

June 13 Release?

Due to the date that has to be put, it seems like Red Hood will be released on or before June 13. He should be a fine addition to Injustice 2, given his unique mix of range and rush attacks. Fans have wanted the character to be in the game for some time, so they will just have to wait.

Update: One of the gameplay videos briefly showed the command list for Red Hood. This has revealed that Red Hood only has a few combo attacks. We compiled Red Hood’s move list here if you want to check it out.

Considering how the event was triggered, this should get fans excited for the date, since they can immediately get gear. Red Hood has some pretty cool equipment, with many hoping he will get an Arkham Knight gear set. Starfire and Sub-Zero are next, though the characters haven’t had been showcased outside of the first DLC trailer.

Future DLC Events

One of the earlier Injustice 2 Multiverse events had players controlling pre-order bonus Darkseid, giving everyone a chance to use the character. Since the same thing happened with Red Hood via the No Fear event, it looks like this will be regular. It should be a great way for fans to get accustomed to these DLC fighters and see if they fit.

Events for Starfire and Sub-Zero are highly likely, which should net fans some great gear for these characters. Red Hood already has some cool looking gear equipped, so the gear drop bias should be useful for fans. More events like this are likely, since there are currently some for non-DLC fighters like Poison Ivy.

Injustice 2 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One, with an excellent mobile spinoff that can be downloaded for free. The most recent update added a number of improvements, and even gave Mr. Freeze his helmet, which was nice. Expect Red Hood on June 13, with the other fighters soon to follow.

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