Injustice 2 Pre-Load Now Available On Xbox One, File Size Revealed

injustice 2 pre-load
Players can pre-load Injustice 2 now on Xbox One. [Image from Injustice Facebook]

Digital fans are in luck, as the Injustice 2 pre-load is now available for those with an Xbox One. The fighting game weighs in at a reasonable 26.82 GB, which is heavy, but there have been much heavier games. Since the brawler comes out next week, pre-loading it within the week means it should be done when it’s released.

One fan on Reddit was able to confirm this, so those planning to get the digital version should buy it now. This is a game many are looking forward to, so there’s no doubt that plenty of pre-orders have been made. May 16 is close, yet so far away, but there is no doubt that the wait will be worth it.

Whose Side Are You On?

As fans wait for the Injustice 2 pre-load to finish, they are probably excited to play through the story mode. Now that alternate endings and character choices have been confirmed, it should make the game more replayable to fans. It’s easy to assume that it will boil down to Batman or Superman, with Supergirl as the wild card.

Gorilla Grodd and Braniac also have big roles in the game, albeit antagonistic ones that could unite the heroes. With only a week away from release, we can finally see the story of the game continue in the sequel. The comic book tie-in has done a good job of keeping fans updated, since it coincides with the game.

Bigger and Better

The size of the Injustice 2 pre-load is big, but somewhat generous compared to other AAA games these days. However, with a ton of DLC coming to the game, updates will likely increase the file size in the future. It’s not a disheartening fact or anything like that, it’s simply the nature of the modern day gaming business.

Red Hood, Starfire and Sub-Zero have been confirmed for the first DLC pack, which has excited many a fan. Fans have been demanding Red Hood for sometime and Starfire is one of the most beloved Teen Titans members. Sub-Zero has gotten a mixed reaction, since some fans don’t want Mortal Kombat characters in their DC fighter.

Injustice 2 is slated for a May 16 release on the PS4 and Xbox One, a week after today. The mobile game comes out later this week on May 11, though it is already available in some countries. Pre-loading is available now on Xbox One and should be coming to PS4 a few days before launch.

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