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Injustice 2 Poster Leaked, Will We See A New Mobile Game Again?

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Injustice 2

It looks like Injustice 2 is official. After rumors of the game emerged last week, a poster of the title featuring Batman and The Flash duking it out in new costumes has been recently leaked. The said poster will supposedly be free with pre-orders of the game, so it looks like fans know one of the bonuses now.

The poster leaked by Polygon reveals that NetherRealms will be developing the sequel. This isn?t much of a surprise since the studio also made the first Injustice game and its mobile spinoff, but it?s good to know that the fighter will be of good quality from the get-go.

No platforms were shown on the poster, but the game will likely come to the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. While the first game originally came out on PS3 and Xbox 360, it will probably not be the same for Injustice 2. NetherRealms had originally planned to bring Mortal Kombat X to last-gen consoles but cancelled it for some reason.

Fans can also expect a mobile spinoff or a huge update on the current Injustice mobile game. Considering how the title managed to add characters that did not appear in the console version, it wouldn?t be much of a stretch to see the mobile fighter get updated rather than completely scrapped.

Until Warner Bros. or NetherRealms changes the title, it looks like the game will simply be called Injustice 2. The poster does have a tagline that says, ?Every Battle Defines You,? so it will be interesting to see if the game is a direct sequel to the first one or if it will tackle a completely different storyline.

One thing disappointing about the poster is the lack of new characters. Batman and The Flash were already in the first game and have always been popular, though the latter has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to the CW television show. Here?s hoping we see characters like Blue Beetle, Darkseid or John Constantine added to the mix.

Currently, Injustice 2 has no release date. The game will likely be released during the holiday season or in early 2017. Fans can expect to see the game during E3.

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