Injustice 2: New Character Reveals Set For Comic-Con San Diego 2016

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Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is quickly becoming one of the hottest fighting game releases in quite sometime. To make things even more exciting, it looks like we will be finding out who the two newest characters are in this year’s Comic-Con. With previous additions like Atrocitus and Supergirl proving to be worthy fighters, there is plenty of anticipation for the next two DC characters.

The news was announced on Twitter by Ed Boon, who stated that the reveal would happen in the game’s panel for Comic Con San Diego 2016. He did not hint at who the possible characters could be, but a previous tweet from him might just have the answer to that.

A month or two ago, Boon tweeted a picture of himself with an Injustice 2 shirt that featured the logos of various characters that would likely be in the game. Aside from obvious additions like Superman and Batman, we also saw logos for more unexpected characters like Dr. Fate and Captain Cold. The latter has gained some popularity, thanks to Wentworth Miller’s portrayal in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

One character who might not be announced is Black Manta, the archenemy of Aquaman. Despite being shown in the trailer, it was revealed in a gameplay video that he was just an environmental hazard that could be knocked into, which is pretty disappointing. The same fate went to Jack Kirby creation Darkseid in the very first Injustice game, despite being a very popular villain in DC Comics.

Who will join Gorilla Grod in Comic-Con?

Here?s hoping that the two character reveals come with gameplay videos. Developer NetherRealms has done a great job in making each fighter feel unique, which isn’t a huge surprise since the developers also worked on Mortal Kombat X, one of the better current-gen fighting games.

Injustice 2 currently has no specific release date yet, though it will be coming out sometime in 2017. Aside from that, no time frame or release window was given, so it looks like the developers will be taking their time with the game. Comic-Con will take place on July 14 till July 16; the character reveal will take place in the event.

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