Injustice 2 Does Away With Multiplayer Region Lock Matchmaking On PS4 And Xbox One

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injustice 2 multiplayer
Whose side are they one? [Image from Injustice Facebook page]

Along with the story and gear system, fans have been curious about Injustice 2 multiplayer, since it’s a fighting game. There was a time when NetherRealms’ reputation for online play wasn’t too good, due to region locks in Mortal Kombat X. Since the company was able to fix that issue post-launch, they will launch Injustice 2 with no region lock.

Popular fighting game enthusiast Maximilian Dood confirmed the news in his video, which should please fighting game fans. Maximilian Dood has been a trusted source in the fighting game community, so it seems like this is pretty legit. Fans should be able to enjoy online multiplayer with anyone when the game comes out in May, so here’s hoping it’s smooth.

Fighting Games and Online Multiplayer

It’s only natural for fans to be skeptical about the stability of the Injustice 2 multiplayer, since it is a fighting game that demands precise button input and lag-free matches. Aside from the Mortal Kombat X debacle, games like Street Fighter 5 also suffered from online issues when it first launched. Since anything can happen, there’s a good chance that the developers will release a number of patches to smooth things out.

To be fair, it seems like the game’s beta has been running well and fans have been enjoying it thus far. If the game’s online stability is as good as the beta’s during launch, then multiplayer fans will probably have a good time. Even if the online during launch is clunky, the game does have story mode, which should keep many fans busy till they dive their feet into multiplayer.

Online Justice

Injustice 2 multiplayer is on the minds of many fans, so one can only hope that NetherRealms delivers the online experience well. It’s clear that the company has learned from their mistakes and are ready to deliver better online battles for this game. Players already know that the gear system can be turned off for those that want to win on skill alone, so it should be a solid experience.

With over 30 classic DC characters in the game, it seems like Warner Bros has another solid title to add to their lineup. Fans of the fighting game genre enjoyed the first Injustice, so expectations for the sequel are pretty high. From what can be seen, no major changes have been made to the gameplay, but good presentation and unique characters should fix that.

Injustice 2 is slated for a May 16 release for PS4 and Xbox One. Pre-order the game now to get early access to Darkseid. More DLC characters are also planned for the game.

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