Injustice 2: Mr. Freeze Skin Confirmed In Gear System Trailer

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Mr. Freeze can be seen in the screen beside Captain Cold. [Image from Maximilain Dood]

Captain Cold is one of the most unique characters in Injustice 2 thus far and looks really fun to use. While his addition is a good one, many were expecting to see Mr. Freeze in the game, especially when the roster leak came out. This lead to plenty of fans speculating that the Batman foe would be an alternate skin for the leader of The Rogues.

However, NetherRealms practically confirmed this when they revealed their Gear System trailer, which detailed how essential the system is. YouTube personality Maximilian Dood pointed out that Mr. Freeze can be seen as a choice for Captain Cold’s gear. This isn’t obvious at first, but at the 2:09 of the trailer, look at the gear options for the villain and you should see Mr. Freeze in there.

Ice to Meet You

It’s easy to see why Freeze will just be a skin for Captain Cold, since both villains use ice guns. The game clearly wants each roster member to feel unique, so having Freeze as a separate character wouldn’t have helped. The same thing was done for Reverse Flash, since his method of attack is identical to his more heroic counterpart.

While Freeze attacks like Cold, their personalities contrast quite differently from one another, though both are sympathetic and interesting. Previously announced premium skins like Power Girl were stated to have different voice actors, so the same will probably happen for Mr. Freeze. Match ups with Batman and Poison Ivy should be interesting, while a direct fight with Captain Cold would be fun.

Cool Moves

We can expect even more premium skins for Injustice 2 to be announced since they’re fun alternatives to have in the game. Aside from Freeze, we also have Green Lantern (John Stewart), Power Girl and Reverse Flash as skins, with more definitely coming. Some will likely be DLC for the game, since NetherRealms confirmed plenty of additional content would be coming eventually.

Characters like Bizarro, Shazam and Red Arrow would be great alternate skins to have, since they already fight similarly to characters in the game. Here is hoping that we get a few more announcements regarding these skins, since a few other fighting games have this option.

Injustice 2 is slated for a May 16 release and will be playable on the PS4 and Xbox One. Pre-ordering the game gives players access to Darkseid.

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