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Injustice 2: Mr. Freeze Will Be A Captain Cold Skin

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These “cool” villains will be in the game. [Image from Comic Vine]

Captain Cold was introduced in a villain-themed trailer for Injustice 2 and now he has a trailer all to himself. The character has fairly unique moves to the series, though there are some similarities to Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat. With alternate skins becoming a big part of the game, it’s likely that Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze is one.

Prior to most of the roster getting announced, there was a 4chan leak that has proven to be correct thus far. Unexpected characters like Black Adam, Cheetah and Swamp Thing were soon revealed, so a Victor Fries skin is essentially official. It looks like The Joker will eventually make an appearance and could be part of the next few reveals.

Ice to Meet You

Given his popularity from Batman: The Animated Series, most expected Freeze to be the fighter, with Cold as the skin. However, his appearances in The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have made him more relevant for Injustice 2. Adding Freeze/Fries as a skin is a decent way to put him in the game without wasting a slot.

Both characters primarily use ice guns, so there’s no way NetherRealms could make Fries feel any different from Captain Cold. Much like the other alternate skins, Fries can have an alternate voice and a unique intro with certain characters. Should Fries appear as a skin, he could have a role in the story like Reverse Flash does, though nothing’s confirmed.

More Alternate Skins?

Both Batwoman and Batgirl were name-dropped in Catwoman’s Injustice 2 trailer, exciting many DC fans with the revelation. It’s clear that one of them will be an alternate skin, but guessing the base character is tougher. Players can hope that more skins come to the game, as they’re a great way to bring characters to the fray.

With an extensive DLC plan confirmed likely on par with Mortal Kombat X, players can expect more characters and skins soon. Nine characters can be bought by purchasing the ultimate edition of the game along with Reverse Flash, Power Girl and Green Lantern John Stewart skins. John Stewart is actually dead in the Injustice-verse, so some characters might not have a storyline presence in the game.

Injustice 2 is slated for a May 16 release and will be available on the PS4 and Xbox One. DC villain Darkseid will be available as a pre-order character, no matter what version is pre-ordered by the player.

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