Injustice 2 Mobile Tips: Simple Ways To Get Great Rewards

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injustice 2 mobile
Some tips for the hit mobile game. [Image from Injustice YouTube channel]

Injustice 2 mobile might not have as much depth as the console version, but it is an excellent mobile game. It’s a huge improvement over its predecessor, thanks to updated mechanics, great graphics, and an episodic story mode from consoles. Since it is a free-to-play game however, it will require plenty of grinding to get the best characters.

Here are tips for players that want to play the mobile game without having to pay extra for it. There are plenty of ways for gamers to keep playing without spending cash, some of which is fairly easy. So without further ado, here are a few simple tips and tricks to get the best stuff in the game.

Login Daily and Get Free Chests

Smartphone and tablet players are aware of login rewards, but they’re fairly important for the Injustice 2 mobile game. These include coins to buy items or level up characters that players already own, like Batman or Wonder Woman. Free chests are also important, since they can give players extra energy and hero shards for character recruitment.

Buy a Hero Chest

For 150 gems, players can get an extra hero in their party, which can prove vital for plenty of reasons. One of them is operations mode, where players can send a hero away for 30 minutes for rewards and XP. This way, players can keep battling without having to worry about heroes they haven’t used in a while.

If the player pre-registered for Catwoman, getting a speed character from the chest gets an instant achievement with rewards. Getting three of each hero type always leads to a reward, so if players have extra gems they should one. Lastly, having five heroes also leads to an instant reward for the player, so get those hero chests ASAP.

Keep Going Through the Campaign

Despite the increasing levels of opponents, the Campaign of Injustice 2 mobile isn’t too hard to go through. As long as players have a varied group and remember how to block, they should be able to fight everyone. Plus, going through the Campaign leads to extra rewards, like 10 Scarecrow shards, since 30 is needed to unlock him.

The more bosses are beaten, the more rewards are unlocked, some of which are gems for hero purchases. Whether players spend them on Hero chests or other items, they’re vital for the game’s longevity. Hopefully, future updates will add more chances to earn better rewards in the future.

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