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Injustice 2 Mobile Now Rolling Out On Android Ahead Of May 11 Release Date

injustice 2 mobile
Injustice 2 mobile is already available in some countries. [Image from TheHiddenBlade01]

In a surprising move, the Injustice 2 mobile game has now soft launched on Android in certain countries a week before it’s official release. Many were shocked to see the brawler appear in Google Play, especially since the title is scheduled for May 11. Countries confirmed to have early access to the Android game are Australia, Sweden and the Philippines, so fans better start downloading. 

The game is a whopping 710 MB on Android devices, which is nothing compared to the actual console game. Still, players that want it better delete some data if they’re planning to play as their favorite DC characters early. Reddit fans have confirmed that this is the soft-launch version of the game, with an update likely coming next week. The app exclusively soft-launched in the Philippines on the iOS earlier in February.

Missing Modes

As of this writing, Campaign Mode is the only playable option in the Injustice 2 mobile game. Fans will have to wait till May 11 to access more modes like Arena and the heavily hyped Story Mode. Like the original, there will also be a number of weekly challenges, though the option isn’t available at this time.

That being said, there are plenty of battles to take part in during the Campaign, so players won’t be bored. Players start out with Batman and Harley Quinn, while Wonder Woman is unlocked after the initial tutorial battle. Expect to see a ton of fodder enemies for the sake of variety, with Arkham inmates and War Gorillas around.

More To Come

Since the Injustice 2 mobile game is still in it’s soft-launch phase, expect more modes to come by May 11. That is when the title will be released worldwide for both iOS and Android devices, so everyone can play it. Catwoman has been confirmed as a pre-register bonus, though fans might have preferred someone else, even if she’s well-known.

Once the mobile title is officially released worldwide, we can expect to see all the unplayable modes unlocked for everyone. Story Mode will be episodic, though it will tell the same tale as the console version in a slower manner. This is to ensure that the mobile game won’t just be a regular tie-in, but a proper game to play.

Injustice 2 mobile is available in certain countries now as a free download and will be available worldwide in May 11. The console version of the game comes out five days later on May 16 for the PS4 and Xbox One, with Darkseid as a pre-order bonus.

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