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Injustice 2 Mobile Game: How To Download The New Mobile App

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Fans were expecting an Injustice 2 mobile spinoff and it looks like one will be coming out very soon. The title has been soft-launched in the Philippines and seems like a competent fighter already, with stellar graphics. It will be interesting to see if the mobile game ends up outliving the console version like the original did.

According to Touch Arcade, the mobile game has added some interesting new mechanics that improve on the original. To download the app, players will need to make an additional iTunes account for the Philippines. Once this is done, it should be easy finding the app and downloading it.

What’s New In Injustice 2?

First of all, the Injustice 2 mobile game is still a free-to-play title, so that might turn off some gamers. However, there are some genuine improvements made over the original title, like the addition of new attacks. Instead of just tapping and swiping, players can also use jumping, range and crouching attacks, depending on where they swipe.

While it might not sound like much to fighting game enthusiasts, this adds plenty of strategy to the mobile game. The first game was fun, but it got repetitive as time went on, so these new mechanics could freshen it up. It definitely makes the game more fun than it already is and should be a nice companion piece for Injustice fans.

Mobile Exclusive Characters?

Ever since the Injustice 2 mobile game was released, a number of videos have surfaced online. This video by All Stars Production has gotten plenty of interest since it shows that Scarecrow is in the mobile game. Since the fear-loving Batman villain hasn’t been confirmed for consoles, it seems like he might be a mobile-exclusive character.

The first game also had a number of characters that never made it to the console version of the game. Characters like Darkseid, Static Shock and Arkham Knight were playable in the mobile version of the game. Deadshot even made an appearance there to promote the Suicide Squad film before getting announced for Injustice 2.

WB Play Link Bonuses?

If the previous game is any indication, there might be some exclusive bonuses to those that link the Injustice 2 mobile game with the console version. This can be done by having a WB Play account, which has given bonuses to the first Injustice, Arkham Origins and even Arkham Knight. Here is hoping we see some for this game as well.

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