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Injustice 2 Leak: All Premier Skins Revealed So Far

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injustice 2 leak
Injustice 2 will have even more Premiere Skins. [Image from Bruno del Villar]

We’re only a few days before the game’s official release, but another Injustice 2 leak has been made. Fans have confirmed three more Premiere Skins for the game, one of which was known, but never actually seen. Overall, there are seven known premiere skins that are in the base game, with more likely to come as DLC.

Twitter user Bruno del Villar confirmed Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick) and Vixen as Premium Skins for The Flash and Cheetah. Mr. Freeze was also confirmed, though his presence has been known since the custom gear trailer of the game. It’s great having these characters in the game, even if they’re just skins of characters that are already in.

Premium Skin Galore

These skins join Power Girl, Reverse-Flash, Green Lantern (John Stewart) and the recently confirmed Grid, with hopefully more to come. Many actually thought Vixen would be a DLC character, but that isn’t the case now that she’s a Premium Skin. She and Cheetah do use claws for offense, but Vixen can also talk to and command animals, which won’t be seen.

While this Injustice 2 leak won’t please NetherRealms, it got fans more excited for the game than they originally were. Flash now has two skins – Jay Garrick and Reverse-Flash – so it looks like characters aren’t limited to having one premier skin. This is really great for characters like Green Lantern, whose possibilities for Premiere Skins are off the charts.

Who Is Next?

Now that these skins have been confirmed by an Injustice 2 leak, the possibilities of other skins are tantalizing. Green Arrow could have both Red Arrow and Artemis as Premium Skins, while Green Lantern could have the whole Corps. There are other obvious ones too, like Shazam for Black Adam or Donna Troy for Wonder Woman for us hopefuls.

The developers in NetherRealms stated that not all of the characters would have Premium Skins, which is disappointing to hear. Still, they could be trolling the fans and planning even more skins for the game’s DLC future, which look bright. Three character packs have been confirmed, with the first one having Red Hood, Starfire and Sub-Zero as playable characters.

Injustice 2 is slated for a release this coming Monday on May 16, so it is really close. The game will be available on PS4 and Xbox One, with Darkseid as a pre-order bonus. Fans of the mobile game can play it now on iOS and Android devices.

Image from Bruno del Villar

Image from Bruno del Villar

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