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Robin is Nightwing in Injustice 2. [Image from Injustice YouTube]

“How do you get Nightwing?” is a commonly asked question in Injustice 2, thanks to the various leaks and his inclusion in story mode. While it is the Damian Wayne version, fans are hoping a Dick Grayson Premiere Skin is in the works. Using a character named Nightwing might not be possible, but unlocking the Staff of Grayson is the next best thing.

According to a fan on Reddit, giving Robin the Staff of Grayson gives him the ability to switch fighting styles. One is his regular sword-style he starts out with and the other is Nightwing’s staff-style from the first Injustice game. The character’s name might never get changed, but players should be able to get similar gear based on Nightwing’s attire.

The Staff of Grayson

To get the Staff of Grayson in Injustice 2, players will have to hope they get it as a reward. Sadly, there’s no easy way to get the Staff of Grayson, so playing Multiverse as Robin is the easiest way. It’s a pretty rare random reward, so a number of playthroughs will be needed to get the style changing weapon.

Robin himself doesn’t have to be chosen, but the chances of getting the reward are much higher if he’s used. That’s how most of the game works, especially in the jam-packed Multiverse mode, which is where players should find it. Players can also use in-game currency to get Mother Boxes, though they’re limited to Bronze, Silver and Gold Mother Boxes.

The Staff of Grayson uses both of Robin’s ability slots, says YouTuber user O.M.E. The YouTube user also posted a video showing the Multiverse version of Robin equipped with the Staff of Grayson.

A Piece of Grayson

Injustice 2 might not have the actual Nightwing, but this should please players unless he becomes DLC in the future. DLC fighters aren’t usually canon, with Starfire technically dying in Metropolis when the bomb connected to Lois Lane’s heart exploded. Martian Manhunter was also DLC in the first game, despite dying in the tie-in comics depicting his fairly brutal death.

Still, having the character’s fighting-style should make Injustice 1 fans more comfortable with Robin, who is a fan favorite fighter. His various sword attacks are pretty great and his combos are fun to do, once mastered by the player. Being able to switch between sword and staff should also add some variety to the character everyone is using.

Injustice 2 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One, with Darkseid now available on the online store. Fans can also get the mobile game for free on iOS and Android, which can also unlock Grid on consoles.

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