Injustice 2 Gear System: Not All Game Modes Are Balanced?

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Injustice 2 is one of next year’s most anticipated fighting games. Numerous characters from the DC universe will battle each other, and all of them can be customized. The sequel made headlines by adding a brand new gear system, which allows players to outfit their characters with armor. It’s a cool system, but it might lead to unbalanced battles.

Since this is a fighting game, multiplayer fans have become concerned. Not helping is the possible addition of purchasable credits. Thankfully, it seems like NetherRealms is aware of the fear and have released an answer to possible balancing issues, via an interview with Eurogamer.

Balanced Modes

During the interview, the studio’s Brian Goodman admitted that the armor system might lead to unbalanced match-ups. It seems like the developers knew how players would react to this, so they are supposedly making more balanced modes. No details were revealed, but it was confirmed that there would be battles where the gear boosts have no effect.

Fighting game fans will be happy that these Injustice 2 modes won’t add the various gear boosts. This means that the armor could just be aesthetic to multiplayer battles and nothing more. It’s likely that there will be multiplayer battles where the gear boosts are counted, which should be interesting. Either way, fighting game purists have nothing to worry about.

Grinds My Gears

For those out of the loop, the gear system is meant to make Injustice 2 feel like an RPG. It’s a very cool move that will make the game feel different from other fighters. This means that the game’s single-player modes should be fun to go through. With DLC characters coming as well, it’s clear that this comic book fighter will be packed to the brim with content.

Will the gear system really affect battles that much? Skill has always been the dominant factor in fighting games, so anything is possible. Until the game is released, the only thing we can do is wait.

Injustice 2 will be coming out sometime in 2017. The game continues the plot of the first Injustice and will even have a comic book tie-in to help promote it. Currently, it will only come out on PS4 and Xbox One.

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