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Injustice 2 Gameplay: What We Know So Far

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Injustice 2

The upcoming sequel to 2013?s DC fighting game is scheduled to launch next year and developer NetherRealm Studios is looking to give it their all for Injustice 2. The first gameplay trailer for the upcoming title was released recently and we?ve learned a lot about how different it will be from the first game. Here?s what we know so far about the Injustice 2 gameplay.

Connected Arenas

Like the past title, the arenas in Injustice 2 are interconnected. This means that if a player hits his opponent at a preset place, they will be transferred to a new area while dealing damage to the other player. There might be more stages this time around since the developers have also promised more characters.

Confirmed Newcomers

We?re not sure how many characters NetherRealm Studios will introduce this time but we?re hoping to see all of the past game?s characters join the new ones for more havoc. The gameplay trailer revealed that some of the new fighters coming to Injustice 2 are Black Manta, Gorilla Grodd, Supergirl and Atroticus.

Better Looking Moves

The next entry will obviously sport better graphics and physics than its predecessors. We?ve seen the wonder NetherRealm Studios has done with Mortal Kombat X and they are likely to introduce the same engine to the game. Based on the Injustice 2 gameplay trailer, each character?s moves are looking pretty solid so far, so fans can expect to get their hands on more awesome combos.


In the first trailer for Injustice 2, we?ve seen how Flash, Superman, Aquaman, Batman and Supergirl seemingly upgrade their super suits. The armors weren?t highlighted in the gameplay trailer, but it?s present nonetheless. Near the end part of the trailer, we see Batman shifting from his usual outfit to an armor that somewhat resembles the Arkham Knight.

If you want more of the juicy gameplay details, checkout the Injustice 2 gameplay trailer below.

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