Injustice 2 Ending: Why Superman’s Ending Is Perfect For Injustice 3 [Spoilers]

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injustice 2 ending
Superman’s ending is dark, but perfect for setting up future storylines. [Image from WB Games]

To many fans, the canon Injustice 2 ending is Batman and Supergirl banishing Superman to the Phantom Zone. However, the game’s darker ending with Superman controlling the world is the perfect set-up for a potential Injustice 3. NetherRealms hasn’t said which ending is the canon one, but they should consider making it Superman’s for a potential sequel.

Also not helping is how nice Batman’s ending is, which feels like it doesn’t lead to any new stories. While they could try an angle where Superman teams up with criminals from the Phantom Zone, it would feel stale. Having the Man of Steel constantly fall to the Dark Knight would make him feel like an ineffective villain.

It’s In The Name

Simply put, the Injustice 2 ending where Superman controls most of the world has more interesting story possibilities in it. With Batman in Superman’s control via Brainiac’s technology, the third entry would feel fresher for having Supergirl as the lead. The game could even have Darkseid be the main villain, since Superman killed his son in the acclaimed prequel comics.

Of course, we could have Superman as the lead villain again, like he was in the first Injustice game. Having Superman be a tyrant would provide a great challenge for heroes like Blue Beetle, Firestorm and anyone against him. It would also be cool if Supergirl freed the Teen Titans from the Phantom Zone, but that’s a personal want.

Will There Be An Injustice 3?

After a ton of good reviews, it’s easy to assume that a third Injustice game is in the works from NetherRealms. It won’t happen anytime soon, since the team are still working on the DLC for the game, but an eventual sequel seems likely. Here is hoping that they make the bad Injustice 2 ending the canon one, since it has more interesting story possibilities.

The eventual tie-in comics would also benefit from having Superman as a tyrant leader, as the first five years of the original comic books show. As of this writing, the current tie-in comic to Injustice 2 is just as good as the original, so Tom Taylor can pretty much do no wrong. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to revisit the “Evil Superman” concept and make the character even darker than before.

Injustice 2 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One, with a successful mobile spinoff on iOS and Android. Red Hood will be coming out this month, with Starfire, Sub-Zero and more soon to follow.

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