Injustice 2: Characters You Shouldn’t Expect In The Final Roster

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Now that its release date has been revealed, fans cannot wait to see the next batch of Injustice 2 characters. The game is coming sooner than expected, with a confirmed date of May 16, which pleased many fans. However, there are certain characters who aren’t likely to appear in the game, which will disappoint some.

There are a variety of reasons for certain DC characters not appearing in the game. Some won’t appear because they aren’t popular enough or were killed in the first Injustice game or the comic. Of course, there is the possibility of them being added as DLC, but we don’t know the main roster yet.


While Hawkgirl could appear in the game, we won’t likely see Hawkman as one of the Injustice 2 characters. Though he was popular for a time, his convoluted backstory turned off many a DC fan. Though he still appears in the comics, there is very little chance of Hawkman appearing outside of possible DLC.

Black Canary

Despite being a perfect candidate for a DC fighting game, it’s doubtful that we’ll be seeing Black Canary in the game. She was recently killed in the CW show Arrow, which also killed her chances in appearing in the game. In the Injustice comic, she was brought to an alternate reality after she almost died in a battle with Superman.


We already have Supergirl as one of the Injustice 2 characters, so we definitely won’t see Superboy in the game. Admittedly, we can be proven wrong, but having two “Super” fighters in the fame should be enough. He could be DLC, but he’s far from the most requested character to appear in the game.

Martian Manhunter

Jonn Jonz was DLC in the first Injustice but has a very small chance of appearing in this game. Despite his popularity in the comic books and animated shows, he was killed in the Injustice comic book. Since the series is canon with the main games, he won’t appear in the base roster, though he could also be DLC.

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