Injustice 2 Characters: NetherRealm Teases Harley Quinn For Gamescom 2016? [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: Harley and Deadshot have now been confirmed. Warnes Bros.?has released the trailer as well.

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She was the star of the Suicide Squad and is currently in one of the bestselling DC comic books out right now, so it only makes sense that Harley Quinn will be in Injustice 2. It looks like we will get our first look at the mad character in Gamescom 2016, even though the reveal isn’t much of a surprise since she is one of the most popular characters in DC Comics right now.

Ed Boon teased the character through Twitter with a picture of a very familiar-looking Hyena. As fans of Batman: The Animated Series know, Harley Quinn is notorious for having two laughing Hyenas by her side, so the tease is a dead giveaway. Still, it will be interesting to see how her moveset differs from the previous game, where she was also a playable character.

Returning characters like Batman, Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman received new finishers for Injustice 2, so Harley Quinn should be no different. Fans can also expect a revamped costume that will be similar to her look in Suicide Squad or her costume in the comics. Either way, DC fans have a lot to look forward to in Gamescom 2016.

Game Informer stated that the Hyena tease could be Joker, which is possible but doubtful. Joker may have interacted with the Hyenas once in awhile, but they were clearly Harley’s pets, so there is no doubt that she will be the one revealed in the gaming event. They could simultaneously announce both characters due to their popularity as a couple, but we’ll have to wait and see.

While Harley Quinn is really popular, there might be some fans who are disappointed since she isn’t a new character like Blue Beetle. She was in the first Injustice after all. Hopefully, they announce a new character as well, like the previously teased Red Hood.

Injustice 2 is slated for a 2017 release on PS4 and Xbox One. It was already confirmed that the game would have DLC, so if fans don’t see anyone they like, they can wait for the DLC to come out. ?

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