Injustice 2 Characters: Aquaman Villain Black Manta Not A Playable Character?

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Injustice 2

Injustice: Gods Among Us was a very fun fighting game, and it seems like the sequel, Injustice 2, will expand on what the first game did well. The graphics are much better, now that it?s current-gen exclusive, and there are new characters to use like Supergirl, Atrocitus, and Gorilla Grodd.

Unfortunately, it seems like Aquaman?s nemesis, Black Manta, will not be a playable character like the trailer hinted. An E3 gameplay video from GameSpot revealed that the Black Manta attack seen in the trailer was actually part of an environmental hazard cutscene in the Atlantis area, which is extremely disappointing for fans of the character.

While the final roster for Injustice 2 hasn?t been revealed yet, it?s doubtful that an environmental hazard character will be part of the playable roster. Darkseid was one in the last game and was only playable in the mobile spinoff, which actually added more characters than the original game.

Then again, Doomsday was part of the environment in the Fortress of Solitude stage in the last area and was a playable character, so it?s not impossible. Martian Manhunter was a background character in the first Injustice and ended up being a DLC fighter, so the same thing could happen to Black Manta.

Fighting game fans might argue that Black Manta?s fighting style is similar to Aquaman?s and is probably why he wasn?t included in the game. While that?s not an impossible notion, it?s worth mentioning that Supergirl is in the sequel, and she has the exact same powers as Superman, so the developers could have easily added Black Manta in the game and adjust his moveset to make him play differently from Aquaman.

If Black Manta doesn?t make it to the final roster, it will be a disappointing day for comic book fans. Manta is arguably the most famous foe of Aquaman, appearing in a lot of his comic books, including last week?s Aquaman: Rebirth one-shot. The villain has also appeared in animated serials like Batman: The Brave and The Bold and Young Justice.

Will Black Manta make it to the Injustice 2 roster? If he?s not part of the game when it comes out, there?s a decent chance that he will be a DLC character.

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