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Injustice 2 Release: Character Faces Improved After Fan Complaints

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There are plenty of fighting games fans are excited for in 2017, and Injustice 2 is one of them. Most gamers enjoyed the first one and the sequel could be even better, thanks to new characters and current-gen graphics. However, those current-gen graphics were originally criticized due to how odd some of the faces looked.

It seems like the team from NetherRealms took these complaints to heart, as the game disappeared for a while. When IGN eventually released a new video focusing on Supergirl, fans were shocked to see the changes made. Though a release date has yet to be unveiled, it?s clear that the developers are working hard on this game.

Face Off

Thanks to fighting game enthusiast Maximillian Dood, fans have noticed the changes made. It?s not clear if Injustice 2 went through a graphical overhaul or if the developers tinkered with the lighting. Either way, Supergirl now looks better than her previous model and fans are very thankful.

Supergirl isn?t the only character who looks better, as Wonder Woman?s face has also changed for the better. Now that a graphical overhaul has been made, fans are curious to see how Aquaman, Superman and Harley Quinn look. Masked characters like Batman and Deadshot look good, while offbeat fighters like Gorilla Grodd and Atrocitus are awesome-looking.

Face Justice

DC Comics fans are probably pleased with the Injustice 2 graphics overhaul, as are fighting game junkies. The first one was a surprise success and the second one should be just as good, if not better. Admittedly, there is some concern at the lack of new gameplay features, but new characters could balance this out.

Some fighting game fans might be disappointed if the Injustice sequel doesn’t change things up. Then again, the new characters and improved graphical style will likely change that feeling right away.

Currently, Injustice 2 is slated for an early 2017 release on PS4 and Xbox One. No PC version has been announced, though one could come out after the console versions. Characters like Red Hood and Constantine have been rumored for the comic book fighter but have yet to be confirmed.

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