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Injustice 2 Bug: How To Fix Character Level Down Issues

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Injustice 2 Bug
Source: Injustice 2 in-game screenshot

NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2 currently has a bug which automatically downgrades a player’s character level. This issue has annoyed fans as leveling up characters are necessary to equip certain gear for each character. However, fans seem to have found a workaround to fix this issue as the developers have yet to release a patch.

Character Level Down Bug

According to OR3OTHUG’s thread on the Injustice subreddit, the character level down bug strikes players regardless of their progress. Players will sometimes find their characters at a lower level than they’ve left them. The trigger of this bug is currently unknown and players are advised to remember their current character levels to easily see if they got hit.


  • OR3OTHUG provides a workaround if a player thinks that they got hit by the bug. Here are his suggestions to fix this issue:
  • Restart the game
  • Go to Multiverse after rebooting the game
  • Pick any Multiverse match and it should fix the bug. If not, play the match which should fix the bug off your game.

If the fix doesn’t work, it’s suggested that players go to Warner Bros Games Support page if they still have the bug. For now, fans will just have to wait until NetherRealm Studios releases the patch to remove this bug off the game.

Injustice 2 Character Level Importance

Early on, players will be introduced to Injustice 2’s loot system through the Brother Eye Vault and Mother Box system. The equipment from these boxes have level requirements which encourage the player to level characters up to wear them. These equipment grants extra stats  in certain game modes and change their character’s appearance slightly.

Alternatively, Injustice 2 character levels must also be gained to unlock new moves for each character. These move unlocks are accessible once a character hits certain levels and gets certain equipment. Some good moves and even full-on character systems like Robin getting Nightwing’s moves can be acquired in-game, specifically in Multiverse mode.

Extra Stat Balance

NetherRealm Studios has balanced this level and loot system in Injustice 2 using specific settings. The extra stats gained from equipment and levels can be turned off. This system primes the game for competitive and casual play. Overall, players shouldn’t stress that much if they lose levels or not. However, bugs still need to be fixed to make the game stable for players.

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