Injustice 2 Bug Forces Lazy Gamers To Play The Game

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injustice 2 bug
There’s a minor Injustice 2 bug. [Image from Injustice Twitter]

Lazy fans are in for bad news with this new Injustice 2 bug, that almost wrecks the AI levelling cheat. As most fans know, they can level up characters and get some loot by letting their AI loadout do it. However, the recent update might have messed with that a bit, since anomalies must be controlled by the player.

For those unfamiliar, anomalies are random fights against a fairly aggressive AI that can lead to great rewards. Players can encounter these fairly tough fights anywhere in Multiverse, so there’s no way to prepare for them. Most players knew that they would encounter these in Endless mode, but they didn’t know they had to control it.

Controlling Anomalies

Reddit fans were taken aback about this Injustice 2 bug, since the previous update had the AI fight anomalies as well. While the AI loadouts can still be used in Endless, players will have to fight any anomalies they encounter. It’s not a huge deal as losing the fight won’t stop endless fights, but anyone wanting to chill out while gaining some levels should be ready for anomalies.

NetherRealm Studios may have done this on purpose, since anomalies always lead to great prizes for the players. Seems like the developers want players to earn these themselves, though it could have just been a random bug. We’ll see if this gets addressed in an update, since the game will get more for new gear and DLC.

No More Laziness?

It might be a troublesome Injustice 2 bug, but this shouldn’t bother fans that like taking part in battles. Plus, most of the battles in Endless can still be done with the AI, and players will only have to fight anomalies. Anomalies don’t always appear either, so for the most part this tactic can still be done whenever the players want.

Only time will tell if this bug gets fixed or not, since it’s not a huge issue that bothers anyone. Sure, it might annoy those that want to take a break and get some levels, but it could be worse. Expect a fix soon, especially if it gets enough attention from the developers. In the meantime, players might want to manually level the characters up themselves until this bug is fixed.

Injustice 2 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One, with Red Hood coming out next week as DLC. Starfire and Sub-Zero will come after, along with more DLC characters hinted at in the character select screen.

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