Injustice 2: Best And Worst Characters For Competitive Multiplayer

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Injustice 2
Source: Injustice 2 – Shattered Alliances Part 2 Trailer | PS4 video

Since Injustice 2 is a fresh fighting game, players are already finding which characters are good and bad for competitive fights. Optimally, high damage characters that have answers to each enemy attack are commonly regarded as a “top tier” character. Here are some of the best and worst characters for Injustice 2.

Ask The Pros

Yahoo eSports published a video featuring Dominique “SonicFox” McLean. SonicFox is a known professional player that’s been successful in NetherRealm Studios fighting games like Mortal Kombat X. According to him, his good picks are Robin, Captain Cold, Black Canary and Darkseid.

Sonicfox explains that Robin’s good normal attacks, tracking projectile, and fast movement options could make him strong. Meanwhile, Captain Cold seems to be a unique trap setup character and has freezing attacks that leaves enemies vulnerable for another combo. Black Canary hits like a truck and can combo until you run out of health. Lastly, Darkseid seems to have a tool for every situation that is extremely valuable for competitive players.

Boxart Characters Are Okay

Usually, the developers give simple and strong movesets to the fighting game’s main characters to help new players pick somebody good. In this case, the star superheroes like Batman, Supergirl, and Superman are great picks. Batman sports many easy combo setup in his normal and is Injustice 2’s tutorial character. Meanwhile, Supergirl slightly has screen switch teleport attacks which are a trademark move of Mortal Kombat X’s most basic competitive character, Scorpion. Lastly, Superman still hits hard in this entry even though his moveset got slightly changed.

Characters That Shoot or Throw Things

Players who just know how to press button combinations can rely on zoner characters. Harley Quinn, Doctor Fate, and Catwoman have good enough projectiles to keep control of the match if need be. Harley Quinn has many bombs and pistol shots in her arsenal, Doctor Fate leaves out spell runes, and Catwoman has a good whip attack that covers a lot of space.

Good players will always find a way to bypass your projectile spam or even use the new Roll Escape move to close the gap and beat a zoner’s face. In competitive play, projectiles are used sparingly and for establishing advantage in the match. Solely relying on projectiles won’t teach you to play fighting games right. However, feel free to pick them if you respect your opponent’s skill and want breathing room in the match.

Avoid Large and Grappler Characters

Bane, Swamp Thing, and Gorilla Grodd are noticeably taller than most of the Injustice 2 cast. They may hit hard on each punch but competitive players know how to use your character’s size against you. Usually, tall characters have large hitboxes which make it easier for characters to hit them in juggle combos. Large characters also tend to have hard hitting but slower attacks which puts them at a disadvantage against faster characters.

Lastly, large characters tend to be grapplers or rely heavily on their good specials. These specials usually have great damage but lack good range. Overall, large characters in inexperienced hands tend to become floating punching bags in competitive play. Avoid these characters up until you get a good grip of how Injustice 2 works.

NetherRealm Fighting Game Systems

Unlike Capcom, Arc System Works, or Bandai Namco fighting games, NetherRealm’s fighting game systems require players to commit to their attacks. This commitment to moving or attacks makes these fighting games feel rigid as players can’t easily jerk their way out if they feel like they made a mistake. In this case, quicker characters like The Flash, Robin, and Cheetah are good picks.

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