Injustice 2: Batgirl And Batwoman Name-Dropped In Latest Trailer

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Batwoman was name dropped in Injustice 2. [Image from DC Comics]

In the latest trailer for Injustice 2, we saw Harley Quinn try and convince Catwoman to join a new team. Called the Gotham City Sirens, Harley mentions it’s a team with “Kate and Babs,” which could be quiet character reveals. “Kate” could be referring to Kate Kane aka Batwoman, while “Babs” is clearly Barbara Gordon, who is Oracle or Batgirl.

Batgirl was a DLC character in the first Injustice game, though she has appeared as Oracle in the comics. Meanwhile, Batwoman has made various appearances in the Injustice comics, but has yet to appear in a game. If this quick reference means anything, it means both characters are still alive and could be in the main game.

Separate Characters?

Having both Batgirl and Batwoman join Injustice 2 could be troublesome, though both are pretty unique from each other. Batwoman has military training and didn’t team up with the current Bat-Family until the most recent run of Detective Comics. It’s also worth noting that Batwoman is one of DC’s most prominent LGBT characters, recently appearing in Batman: Bad Blood.

While both characters are unique personality-wise, it’s doubtful that NetherRealms will be putting both characters in the game. Like most fighting games the roster has to be unique and interesting, so having two similarly-named vigilantes is too much.

Alternate Skins?

One way to include both characters is to make one of them an alternate Injustice 2 skin. This is how Power Girl and Reverse Flash will be appearing in the game, so one of the heroines can do the same. If we had to guess, it’s likely that Batgirl will be the character, while Batwoman will be an alternate skin.

Batwoman could still play a pivotal role in the story, while still being an alternate skin for other game modes. Harley does bring up “Kate and Babs,” so it’s possible that both characters will be making appearances throughout. Reverse Flash is an alternate skin for Flash and the two were seen fighting in a Broken Alliances trailer.

Then again, NetherRealms could surprise everyone and make Batwoman the default character, which would be neat. Batgirl could be an alternate skin for Batwoman, if they decide to keep Barbara in her Oracle persona. Right now, anything is possible and that means plenty of fan speculation on who could get the spotlight.

Injustice 2 is slated for a May 16 release on PS4 and Xbox One. Darkseid is a pre-order bonus character.

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