Injustice 2 Atom DLC: How The Character Might Play

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The Atom has essentially been leaked for Injustice 2. [Image from DC Comics]

NetherRealm Studios has accidentally leaked the DLC silhouettes, and we now know some of the upcoming Injustice 2 DLC characters. Some were obvious, like Black Manta and Raiden, but one that didn’t stand out until the recent leak was Atom. Originally looking like a regular character, the accidental leak showed that he would appear tiny in the character select screen.

He might not be as popular as Marvel superhero Ant-Man, but The Atom should be a fun character to use. Considering how unique his powers are, it will be interesting to see how they’re integrated into a fighting game. If not handled well, he could either be really weak or ridiculously powerful, leading to plenty of possibilities regarding his move-set.

Special Ability

Each character in Injustice 2 has a special bility, and The Atom’s should involve his size-changing nature for various attacks. These powers tend to give characters a nice advantage, but have to be refilled after plenty of usage. Black Canary has her Sonic Scream/Canary Cry, while The Flash can stop time and slow down his opponents.

Atom should be able to switch between shrinking and going big, since he can do both in the comic books. Having these powers would give the character various advantages, depending on who he is facing, which adds a layer of strategy. Plus, making his shrinking/growing power a special ability will limit its use, so it won’t be a cheap method.

His Finisher

Injustice 2 finishers – or Super Moves – are always flashy to see and do plenty of damage, especially with extra inputs. With his powers, Atom could turn into a giant and beat the snot out of his opponents in very quickly. This might not be the most imaginative way to use his powers, but it would provide a nice visual.

Of course, NetherRealm Studios could also take advantage of his shrinking ability and have him beat up opponents from the inside. In the terrible comic Justice League: Cry for Justice, the character used his shrinking abilities to go to a villain’s brain and torture them. The comic series was awful, but could lead to an innovative, if somewhat dark, finisher in the game.

Which Atom?

Now the real fun begins, as fans wonder which character will be donning the Atom suit for Injustice 2. Ray Palmer is the more popular choice, since he has appeared in CW shows like Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. On the other hand, Ryan Choi would be an inspired choice since he is the current Atom in the DC Rebirth series Justice League of America and would add some diversity, since he’s Chinese-American.

Whoever is chosen, the other can appear as a Premiere Skin, assuming more of those are planned. If not, expect gear and shaders that match the other character’s costume. The current game has shaders and gear that represent Arsenal, Shazam and Mon-El amongst others.

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