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Infinite Warfare Update: New Mission Team ‘BloodAnvil’ Leaked! What We Know So Far

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Gamers across the globe will surely be delighted to hear this rumor about a new feature coming soon in an Infinite Warfare update. It basically states that a new Mission Team is arriving in the game. Check out some key details about the squad below.

According to CharlieIntel, the rumor started on Reddit where a user posted two logos of the Mission Team. The photos are indeed convincing and it definitely fits the logos currently available in the game. As a result, other Reddit users believe the post and are now expecting the team to arrive some time soon.

Moreover, the name of the Mission Team is rumored to be BloodAnvil. Aside from the logos on Reddit, there is even an overview in-game cut scene of the team. According to the leader of the Anvil team, ?Everything has led you to this. All the missions. All the killings. Brings you to us.?

These posts on Reddit are really suggesting that BloodAnvil is coming soon in an Infinite Warfare update. Players expect that the new Mission Team will be go live?once the first DLC pack rolls out. However, developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision have not released an official statement yet regarding the new Mission Team.

Available Mission Teams in the current version of the game so far are the JTF Wolverines, Orion Initiative, Sabre Team Seven, and Wraith. Completing tasks from each Mission Teams gives players rewards, and it?s possible there will be new content once the BloodAnvil team becomes available.

Meanwhile, Sony recently launched a new bundle for their PS4 Slim. Every purchase of the console will have a free Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. The bundle is now available on PlayStation Store for only $299.99.

Furthermore, the two first-person shooter game will come in two different forms. The Infinite Warfare is on a Blu-ray disc, while the Modern Warfare Remastered is on a download voucher. Gamers cannot sell the latter easily because the Infinite Warfare disc is needed to play Modern Warfare.

Now is really the perfect time to buy your very own PS4 Slim and Infinite Warfare. Aside from the bundle available today, gamers should also anticipate the new Mission Team called BloodAnvil. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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