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Infinite Warfare Update 1.15 And Modern Warfare Remastered Update 1.11 Now Live

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Infinite Warfare Update 1.15 And Modern Warfare Remastered 1.10 Is Now Live
Artwork For Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare [Image Courtesy Of Infinite Warfare Official Website]

A new update for both Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered recently went live and players need to download these ASAP as there are new things to dig into. Both updates pack a few things inside so players should expect a big update. Here’s everything important in Infinite Warfare update 1.15 and Modern Warfare Remastered update 1.11.

Infinite Warfare Update 1.15

There are two new things coming to Infinite Warfare once the update has been downloaded. First is a voice over pack featuring the all too familiar voice of Ozzy Man. Players are sure to enjoy Ozzy Man’s voice over pack as it’s expected to be wacky and fun.

Another new feature coming to the game with Infinite Warfare update 1.15 are scorestreak variants. According to the patch notes, scorestreak variants are “only obtainable through crafting. These new variants take your current playstyle to an all new level with Rare, Legendary, and Epic versions of your existing scorestreaks.” Players simply need to go to the Scorestreak Lab in the Armory portion of Quartermaster to access the new feature.

Infinite Warfare update 1.15 also fixes quite a few bugs currently in the game. One of the fixes include a bug that stops players from performing Taunts in the Winner’s Circle during public and custom matches. Another fix bug is the one where players are unable to equip a custom emblem after using another custom made emblem.

The CODCaster/CWL and Shaolin Shuffle has been tweaked as well. For the CODCaster/CWL, one of the new things players can notice is a new Contested icon when a defending and attacking player jump into the goal. As for Shaolin Shuffle, the Heart cooldown is removed and there are bug fixes for it as well.

Modern Warfare Remastered Update 1.11

As for Modern Warfare Remastered, update 1.11 adds 3 new weapons to the game. First up is the BOS14. This assault rifle will deal higher damage during the first five bullets as it has the First Five Bullet modifier attached to it. Meanwhile, the Fang 45’s first five bullets have a higher rate of fire and it’s easily one of the best submachine guns to have.

Last but not the least is the Prokolot. It’s a burst-fire pistol and it’s capable of three shots per round.

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