Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle Easter Egg Guide: All Steps To Finish The New Zombies Mode

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Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle Easter Egg
Source: Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare: Shaolin Shuffle Trailer video

Similar to previous Call of Duty zombie modes, the Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle still has some secret easter eggs. These secrets will allow you to access some unique weapons and finish this game mode’s story. Here are all the steps needed to complete the Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle easter egg.

Starting the Easter Egg

According to the Call of Duty Zombies subreddit, the Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle easter egg starts when players talk to Pam Grier in the dojo. Pam Grier is the woman in the yellow outfit who has a large afro. She’ll be a key NPC throughout the easter egg. Moreover, players will need to collect three Rat King parts to trigger the final boss fight.

Rat Ninjas

After the conversation, players will need to find caged rats around the map and throw a Shuriken at it to trigger the next step. Players must free all the rats until a large yellow circle appears in the area that they’re gathering. Zombies killed inside this yellow circle will spawn ninjas that’ll fight the players. These ninjas must be summoned to get the key needed for the next step. Make sure to remember their attack patterns as they’ll also appear again in latter parts of the easter egg quests.

Rat King’s Eye 

The ninja key will have to be brought to the “SOULKEY” locker in the subway to trigger the next part of the zombies easter egg. The players will now have to run around the map to shoot four Chinese symbols. The symbols are located on a wall of a brick house, a bathroom cubicle, and last two symbols on a piece of plywood. Make sure to shoot each symbol precisely to spawn the Rat King on the circle near the Black Cat Dojo. Defeat the Rat King and pick up the eye that he’ll drop.

Rat King’s Brain

After obtaining the eye, players return to Pam to start this major part of the Easter Egg. Players will have to find a symbol using the special vision obtained from the Rat King’s eye. Players confirmed 13 spawn points for these symbols and only six of them are needed to continue.  

The symbols will trigger a phone to ring and will play a unique morse code once answered. The morse code will give out a number which is needed to know which Nightmare Summer poster to find. Players will bring this specific numbered poster to a spotlight on the Inferno rooftop.

The spotlight will illuminate an X mark on the window and will require some explosives to reveal some ninja zombies. After this, players will need to spell out words through some unique symbols found throughout the map. The fans have already compiled deciphered letters and usual keywords given out in this part. After tediously spelling out ciphers and symbols, proceed to Deadeye Dewdrops near the RPR Evo buyoff area to fight the Rat King for his brain.

Rat King’s Heart

Once you got the brain, return to Pam to start the quest for the Rat King’s Heart. Players will need to survive three rounds to trigger the dojo fight. Winning the Dojo fight will drop a turnstile piece which will have to be installed in the subway. After installing the turnstile, players will need to proceed to an alleyway near Mule Munchies to shoot a symbol in one of the building’s windows.

The symbol will spawn more glowing yellow circles in the map which will need to be fed with killed zombies to trigger the next step. A gong will sound once the player has killed enough zombies. The gong will activate the DJ turntable inside the Disco Inferno which is used to summon a Disco zombie.

Players will then need to herd up a group of regular zombies near the disco zombie to start the next quest. Kill the disco zombie first and the disco ball will get passed to another zombie. Keep killing the Disco Zombie until it doesn’t spawn again.  Completing this part will spawn a Rat King symbol outside the building to fight Rat King for his heart.

The Final Boss Fight

Return to Pam Grier after obtaining all three parts and make your way to the Rat King’s lair. End the round and you’ll be transported to the boss fight.  Players will have to fight the Rat King’s Eye, Heart, and Brain in any order to finish this Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle easter egg. Helpful perks can also be obtained during the fight if players break some crates in the boss room. Here are some tips to fight each Rat King part.

  • Eye – Repeatedly shoot symbols it leaves on the ceiling
  • Heart – Kill Zombies on the pools of acid it leaves to clear the acid out.
  • Brain – Just keep shooting Rat King as he fights off zombies. A Max Ammo pickup will spawn once you’re done


After this fight, you’ll be rewarded with the Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle ending cutscene. Similar to previous Infinite Warfare Zombie maps, the players are teased with the next Zombies map once again.

Clearing the easter egg will also allow you to play as Pam Grier herself if you input up, up, right , left, down, left on the Zombies map menus. Shaolin Shuffle must be the selected map to trigger this code right. However, you can’t bring Grier in other Zombies maps outside Shaolin Shuffle

Even though she’s an unlockable character, Pam Grier doesn’t have any unique abilities but she does have unique dialogue in the map. Overall, the Shaolin Shuffle map has a tedious easter egg quest but is slightly rewarding just because it has an unlockable character.

Spooky Monochrome Zombies World

After obtaining the key from the Rat King, all the main characters are transported into the next movie world. The world seems to be colored in monochrome and plays a spooky sound to go with it. Previously, the last zombies ending revealed Shaolin Shuffle with the characters leaving a subway train followed with a brief hint of funk music. The next map could be an early 1950s horror film where characters are the horror monster stereotypes usually cosplayed during Halloween.

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