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Infinite Warfare Multiplayer: Overview Trailer Shows All Game Modes, Perks, And More

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Infinite Warfare Multiplayer

Activision has released a Call of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer overview trailer featuring the all-new Combat Rigs, maps, and new game modes. Fans can be assured because tons of content is coming this November when the game launches. The visuals now look more impressive, and the weapons and kill streaks?look more appealing than ever before.

From Team Deathmatch to Kill Confirmed and Domination, more objective-based modes are coming to the game. A total of 12 game modes are shown in the Infinite Warfare multiplayer overview trailer. Some of the new game modes such as Defender are showcased in the video where the team controls a drone as long as they can. According to the developer, teamwork is the only strategy that can effectively help players survive and win.

More Possibilities

In the Infinite Warfare multiplayer gameplay, players will be enjoying crafting new weapons. The game now offers more choices and freedom than the previously launched games. The Infinite Warfare multiplayer features deep customization, fresh content for the series, and player-focused map designs.

The game allows players to earn more attachments to craft better weapons than ever before. The Combat Rigs unveiled by the developer are suitable for six different player styles. Each of these six rigs has its three distinctive payloads. Additionally, the rigs also feature three unique persistence perks called trait such as propulsion, reaper and combat burst.

Players can combine one payload and one trait to create different playstyles when on the battleground. The combat rigs appear to be a deadly feature in the game. These unique combat rigs are called Warfighter, Merc, FTL, Stryker and more. Each of these combat rigs will enable players to strategize and plan their own fighting techniques in the Infinite Warfare multiplayer.

The game will be officially released on November 4 for?PS4, PC and Xbox One. It seems that the criticism it has received in the early days would fade away because the progress Infinity Ward has made over the months is significant.

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