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Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered: Netcode Compared To Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 And Overwatch

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Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare, since its reveal, has been?criticized badly. Some blindly criticized the game due to it being a Call of Duty game, but there’s now a hard information why the game falls below standards of new FPS titles such as Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and Overwatch. In a recent netcode analysis by BattlenonSense, the problems with the game?s server was apparently revealed.?

Compared to the E3 2016 gameplay trailer, Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered in players? hands tell a different story about the gameplay. The recent analysis suggests that Activision is using both dedicated and client as host servers. The games appear to put the players on a dedicated server, and it falls back to the peer to peer system where the players are also the hosts.

It should be noted that none of these servers can guarantee a lag-free game, but the dedicated servers are highly efficient and reliable than the peer to peer system. It means that when the players are on the client as host servers, they will experience more lag and both the COD games are using these servers as well.

Lag In Multiplayer

Not all the data can be found in tests to determine how much lag players will experience with any of these servers, but the update rates here can make the picture clear. So when a public match is running on the dedicated server, the players in client?s role sends 100 updates per seconds. But when it comes to receiving data from server, it is lowered down to 20 updates per second. On the other hand, when a private match is created on the Peer 2 Peer connection, it gives the same 100 updates per second speed while sending the data, but when receiving, it only gives 10 updates per second. This is the delay players experience in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Modern Warfare Inferior to Infinite Warfare?

When it comes to Modern Warfare Remastered, players will experience more delay or lag as compared to Infinity Warfare. The reason behind this is the update rate. As a host on dedicated server, you send only 30 updates per second and recieve 10 as a client; you get 10 updates per second.

Overall, the two games do not stand strong when the data is compared to the other titles such as Battlefield 1, Titanfall Overwatch, Battlefield 4, ?and some other COD titles. Infinite Warfare beats its predecessor Black Ops 3, but can’t even manage to beat the previous Battlefield game in terms of performance on network.

infinite warfare

The worst thing about these issues is that players will have to suffer damage even if they are in the right position. As the game allows lag compensation, players located far from the host location still get killed or damaged as the other players can still see them even if the player has taken cover.

In a response to the test, the Infinity Warfare developer?said that they understand that there are problems with the game, and they are working on it. The analysis can be found here in the video below.

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