Infinite Warfare April Update: Phase Shift Throwing Axe Fix, Karma-45 Hotfixes, And Other Changes

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Infinite Warfare April Update
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Recently, the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has received a huge update this April. The Infinite Warfare April update has a few tweaks on the Headsman weapon and Karma-45 submachine gun variants. The new update also confirms new general gameplay fixes and tweaks.

Infinite Warfare April Update

AshtonisVULCAN_IW’s thread on the Infinite Warfare subreddit confirms four changes as of April 5. The Infinite Warfare April update includes a hotfix towards the use of the throwing axe during the Phase Shift payload buff, various backend fixes, and Karma-45 fixes. However, the April 5 update doesn’t have any new major features to introduce.

Phase Shift Axe Fix

The Infinite Warfare April update fixes a bug when throwing the Headsman axe at another phased enemy. The Phase Shift payload allows players to have the “Phased” buff and ignore damage from non-Phased enemies. However, the throwing axe attack doesn’t deal damage and inexplicably disappears for phased characters. The fix now allows players to use throwing axes against other phased enemies.

Karma-45 fixes

Two Karma-45 submachine gun variants, particularly Phobos and Deimos, have also received some fixes. Both variants now have their silenced versions play the right sound when fired. Lastly, the Deimos variant now correctly refills ammo when moving through a dropped Karma-45 submachine gun. Overall, this update buffs the Karma 45 to be more intuitive to use without the bugs getting in the way.

Various Backend Fixes

The April 5 patch also confirms some backend fixes for Infinite Warfare. Reddit User toothlesslovescod points out the dedicated servers and player-hosted matches. Quitting players in player-hosted matches often ends in the room being dissolved or a host migration. The post hasn’t been answered by an official Infinity Ward representative yet. Previously, the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has been noted to have a bad multiplayer mode, but many patches have already been applied since its release. The Infinite Warfare multiplayer might need more polishing.

Infinite Warfare So Far

Currently, the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare entry is now out for almost half a year since its release last November. Before its release, visible audience dislike of the Call of Duty series reflects toward space military conflict. However, circulating rumors say that the next Call of Duty entry may be set in World War 2 instead of a future conflict. Stay updated with more Call of Duty Infinite Warfare news and updates here on The BitBag.

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