Infamous GT5 Neogaf Microsoft Fanboy Poster Actually Works For Turn 10

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I got this tip from Bitbag fan Pixelsword. If you haven’t heard, someone from Microsoft was posting on Neogaf about Forza 3. A Neogaf admin pointed out that the poster had a Microsoft email address(I didn’t agree with this tactic as information on users is supposed to remain private). Pixelsword posted in his N4G blog some info that leads back to this poster actually being a Turn 10 employee. You can follow the email after the jump. I find it funny that devs are using shills in forums. Nothing wrong with that. Pixelsword the internet detective? I think so! Thanks for the tip bro!

Okay, I posted this in my blog, except that I left the URL information out for his personal pages because I wanted you to look at it because these links have his actual name and the last link is a private link that has a pic of his daughter. but the ramifications of the link suggests that a Turn 10 employee was talking up smack about forza as a regular “fanboy” and not involved in the process.

Here’s the story if you haven’t heard about it:

– The poster on Neogaf was named RandomXTX, he works at Microsoft

From there I went around and found him on youtube:

– RandomXTX is also a name on Youtube with a video of a person who won a horse’s head.

– If you play it through,

a. @ :15 you see the distinguished gentleman who won the head raise his hand with the horse in hand.

b. You see the guy nodding in the video while the devs on stage talk to the winner as the person who won the horse, and if you watch around :22 the person onstage says “if you put it on e-bay, we’ll know” to which the person nods his head in response to the statement.

So RandomXTX was in the video according to himself stating that he won the horse’s head.

So from there, if you pause it at :23, you can see his face fairly well.

Okay, keeping his face in mind, going from there, if you do a little snooping you can find his page on

(I posted in my n4g blog)

Actual link:

To which it states he works at Microsoft.

(I posted in my n4g blog)

actual link:

his personal page that shows that he works at Turn 10.

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