inFamous: First Light Release Date Leaked by Sony

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Earlier this month, Sony Entertainment Network announced at E3 that the PS4 exclusive, infamous: Second Son?s expansion will be out this summer. But just recently, The PlayStation Store tipped that the game will now be a standalone? product and will be called inFamous: First Light.

The game will debut on Tuesday, August 26 in the United States for $14.99, where PlayStation gets updates in North America. There hasn?t been any official announcement regarding the exact release date of First Light from Sony, but the August 26 launch seems credible enough, the fact that the news came from Sony?s own digital store.

Unlike Second Son, the game won?t star the hero Delsin Rowe. A girl named Abigail ?Fetch? Walker will be the main playable character instead. Remember her? She is the neon-powered ex-junkie Delsin Rowe encountered in Second Son?s main campaign.

Fetch?s story is ?not an easy one to tell?, according to Jason Connell, one of the creative leads at Sucker Punch.

?There is heartache, drug abuse and abandonment. Playing as Fetch, you will experience the events that transform her into a conduit you met in Second Son. You will get to see her cope with life in Curdun Cay (the high alpine prison) after being captured by the DUP, and experience what happens when her brother Brent goes missing ? and how far she will go to find him.?, Connell said.

inFamous: First Light is going to feature some new environments, which includes the Curdun Cay and the snowy, mountainous area that surrounds it.

According to Sucker Punch, the characters in First Light will have richer personalities because they adjusted its facial motion capture techniques, particle effects and lighting engine.

?We have continued to use these tools to not only develop Fetch more as a character, but also to bring you to new environments as well. And for those with photographer?s eyes, I am pleased to confirm that Photo Mode is included in First Light.?, Connell explained.

Players don?t need to own an infamous: Second Son copy to download and play First Light. However, players who do have the Second Son will be able to unlock bonus contents for the expansion, and they will also have a good handle on the game?s story too.


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