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Infamous 3 Release Date And Gameplay: What We Know So Far

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Now that the PlayStation Experience has come and gone, fans are still wondering when they will see Infamous 3. While Infamous: Second Son is technically the third game in the series, many fans would rather see a ?real? sequel.

To be fair, Second Son was a fun game and did deal with some of the fallout from the previous games. However, it lacked the same spark and creativity from the older titles. It’s why some fans don’t really consider it as a true sequel to the series.

Hiring For Infamous 3?

Recently, Sucker Punch has been hiring new people for certain job positions in their company. This has made some fans speculate that Infamous 3 could be on the way. Considering that Infamous was such a big title for Sucker Punch, it would be crucial to hire the best of the best.

Fans will remember how Sony Santa Monica hired a lot of people before God of War on PS4 was unveiled at E3 2016. If the companies think alike, there’s a good chance that we will eventually see another big Infamous game soon.

While Infamous: Second Son was far from a bad game, it lost some of the comic book-style charm the first two games had. Not helping was the odd assortment of powers players had access to, even though some of them were creative. Sucker Punch will have to go back to the game’s roots if they want the next game to be a big hit.

Gameplay Hints

It can be assumed that Sucker Punch is still working on a third-person action game based on their previous job hiring. “If you?ve shipped a third-person title where you helped make the combat awesome, please send us your resume,” read the job advertisement.

Sucker Punch is trying to improve the mission design of their sequel. “Sucker Punch is looking for a Mission Designer who can create experiences that grab hold and won?t let go?experiences so engrossing that hours go by before you?re willing to put down your controller.”

Not Infamous?

Although Sucker Punch is hiring people for a big game, it might not be an Infamous title. For all we know, the company might be working on a brand new IP, hoping that their work on Infamous has won over fans. This would be a neat decision since most big name games these days are sequels, prequels or reboots.

Then again, given how popular platformers have been as of late, the company could bring back Sly Cooper. With Crash Bandicoot and Yuka-Laylee on the way, having the master thief return would be a smart move to make.

Will we see an Infamous 3 soon? No one knows, but it’s not unlikely. ?

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