Indy Game: Counterclockwise

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Here’s a treat for all you independent gaming fans out there. Enjoy.

Counterclockwise is a freeware remake of the 1983 Spectrum game Knot in 3D. It was made for RetroRemakes 2006 game competition. It’s disguised much like the Snake games. What separates this, is not only the beautiful graphical atmosphere that you are surrounded by, but also the music fits perfectly with the game. Sure, it’s not the award winning score that you’d see from some of today’s games but it holds its own. You will feel immersed into the world of Counterclockwise while hoping Microsoft makes a deal with New Generation Software to port it over adding Live support. Great game to help kill the time off between opening presents. Best part, it’s completely free. Learn more and check out this awesome indy game at 16× Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

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