Indulge your sweet tooth with no regrets with this low-sugar chocolate protein bar made for fitness enthusiasts

It’s definitely a dream come true for all chocolate lovers!

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Fitness enthusiasts watch closely over what they eat but what if they can’t resist chocolates, too? Curb your sweet tooth cravings no more with this chocolate protein bar from Built.

Built’s Double Chocolate flavored protein bar is the answer to all fitness enthusiasts who can’t give up chocolates while making sure they’re still on track with their fitness goals. This protein bar has 100% real chocolate flavor with low sugar and the perfect balance of flavor and nutrition. 

With only 4 grams of sugar and an exceptional nutritional profile and, no wonder it’s also recommended by fitness trainers. It comes in other exciting flavors, too, such as Cookies ‘N Cream, Mint Brownie, Salted Caramel, and more!