Incredibles 2 Showing Moved Once More? It’ll Be Years Before We See The Sequel, Edna Mode To Be Newest Member Of The Team?

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The sequel to the 2004 animated superhero film The Incredibles was first rumored to show June 2018, but Disney Pictures has announced early last month that The Incredibles 2 ?is already booked for a June 21, 2019 date.

According to Master Herald, When its subsidiary Marvel Studios calendared all its film releases from next year until 2020, it was actually culled from the complete list of movies that Disney pictures would be releasing from January 29, 2016 to November 2020.

The list has actually been posted by The Disney Movie Review and it contained 37 movies in all including the 14 previously-listed Marvel movies.

The Parr family will still be the main characters of the much-loved animated hit, however there’s still no confirmation of the voice actors for Parr family will return. According to some reports The Incredibles 2 is going to be set 5 years after the first The Incredibles. So you can expect the whole Parr family will be a little bit older and that both Dash and Violet would get other voice actors since they will be in their teens here, reports Cross Map.

There are also rumors that Edna Mode, a character surprisingly voiced by director Brad Bird, will also be a superhero this time around. Her extensive knowledge of the history of the craft and the technology involved could make her just as formidable as Syndrome, as proven by the fact that her costumes ended up being what saved the Parr family from a horrible fate.

The writers are allegedly still working out the minor details, though production could begin at any time. There could be a lot more news on the Incredibles 2 plot, characters, and release date in the next year or two, reports Inquistr.

Let?s wait and watch!

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