Incredibles 2 Release Date, Spoilers: Jack-Jack to be Main Villain; How Will His Siblings Save Him from the Dark Side?

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There has been no official announcement yet for The Incredible 2 release date yet several sources claim that the most realistic date has been set to June 2019.

Despite the scarce details about its date of release, the production for the film could start sooner according to reports. It looks like Pixar is eager to push through with the sequel. The Incredibles 2 promises a new take on the Parr family, which a lot of fans are excited to see.

The Incredibles was released almost a decade ago. After years of patiently waiting, fans are hyped to see what the sequel has to offer.

Director Brad Bird recently revealed that the script for The Incredibles 2 is already in progress. However, he admitted that its release date cannot be confirmed yet.

The Incredibles 2 spoilers suggest that the film will be focused on the Incredible kids. Characters such as Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack are all grown up in the sequel. There are speculations indicating that one of the Parr kids will turn out to be the main antagonist in The Incredibles 2.

Jack-Jack to be a Baddie in The Incredibles Sequel?

There is no official confirmation yet about who among the Parr kids is going to turn to a baddie. Predictions claim that Jack-Jack is going to be the bad guy. Jack-Jack is the youngest member of the Parr family. The Incredibles revealed that Jack-Jack possesses the strongest superpowers among all the Parr kids. His abilities were shown during the latter half of the first movie.

Spoilers claim that Jack-Jack is going to be a rebellious teenager in The Incredibles sequel. As he undergoes adolescence, he will have to deal with a lot of mental and physical changes. Jack-Jack will be confused and overwhelmed at the same time. He will struggle to control his powers.

Jack-Jack?s quest to manage and understand his powers led him towards the villains. He could be one of them. Dash and Violet are expected to do everything in their powers to regain their sibling. They are going to take him back from the dark side. How Dash and Violet will save Jack-Jack would be an interesting adventure to look forward to.

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